Three time zones

Seven-day power reserve with a single barrel

Three-dimensional hemispheric precision moon

Day & night indicator

Exhibition caseback

46.30 mm trademarked writing slope case in 18K red gold or titanium


Complex, extensively decorated, and powerful, the Récital 27 is BOVET’s unique take on the multiple time zone display.


Each of the secondary time zones displays hours and minutes on a traditional 12-hour dial. A day/night indicator prevents any confusion between morning and afternoon
A dome moon phase indicator completes the information appearing on the timepiece’s dial. Its surface is engraved to evoke the lunar surface and for heightened realism, the lower sections hand-filled with Superluminova®. The precision mechanism used to drive the moon phase requires correction only once every 122 years
Through its intuitive system of correctors, the three time zones can be set individually while adjusting for summer or winter hours

Features & Functionality

As if this triple time zone achievement wasn’t enough, BOVET 1822 watchmakers have complemented it with a magnificently decorated dome-shaped moon phase indicator. This fascinating complication is so precise that it only requires a single correction every 122 years.

Zoom in to discover the details

Zoom in to discover the details

  • Turning-over the timepiece showcases all of their talents. The bottom sapphire glass reveals the entire movement. The collector will continuously discover new details illustrating the virtuosity displayed in the decoration of each component.