The magnificent Récital 26 Brainstorm®️ Chapter Two, honored by its Engineering Brilliance, received the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève award for Mechanical Exception.

Limited Edition of Sapphire “Writing Slope” cases, its fully hand-engraved movement features three patents: a double face flying tourbillon, radial guidance system, and universal time display imagined by Mr. Raffy for intuitive reading of the 24 Time Zones.

Features & Functionality

The names of 24 global cities representing the time zones are printed on the rotating part of the dome which makes a complete revolution, by scanning the 24-hour graduation of the base ring.

A three-dimensional V-shaped needle allows the collector to select the displayed time zone. This clever and innovative combination, united with the dome, allows optimal readability, despite the reduced diameter of the entire display.

The surface of the lunar ground is engraved by hand before luminescent material is applied, also, by hand. The two circular windows which overhang the dome make it possible to read the age of the moon according to the specific orientation of its crescent, whether one is in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere of the earth.

The domes of the second time zone and the moon phase rotate by the patented mechanism of the radial guidance system, which increases the chronometry and the power reserve of the timepiece.


The precision mechanism that drives this dome gives it an accuracy that requires a correction of one day every 122 years.

Five-day power reserve, maintaining the oscillations of the regulating structure at a frequency 21,600 v/h, enhanced by the patented double-sided flying tourbillon.

Displayed by an indicator subtly positioned in the middle of the case between the two strap lugs.

The opened caseback beautifully showcasing handcrafted elements which are made up of a bezel and four horns machined from grade 5 titanium.